Expert Swingset Removal

Do you remember the delight in the eyes of your child gleefully feeling that feeling in their bellies as they spent hours swinging and climbing on that swing set when you first put it up? It was likely back in the days when playing outside was revered and preferred to over a video game or some other electronic device.

Well, as with all good things, this one too must come to an end. The question becomes, do you want to hold on to it for sentimental reasons, or do you want to reclaim that part of your backyard? Our experienced junk removal team has found that it is often easier to part with something if you have a picture of it. Whether it’s a pic of your child’s third grade science project, or a video of your child having a blast on your once newly installed swingset, having a keepsake makes the sentimental decision of ditching your aged swingset much easier.

Swingset Removal – Big or Small

The next question is determined by what kind of ambition you once yielded on the selection of and installation of your backyard pleasure maker. Did you go all out and secure the structure with cement footings or other anchors? Is your swingset teamed with slides, ladders, lookout turrets and every other accessory available at the time? Regardless of the complexity of the installation, our team will attempt to avoid playing on your swingset, and focus on the dismantling at hand.

While we are at your home, we can also haul away all your pool table today.

And your swingset may be big and unwieldy, but our tools and equipment are very wieldy and also very big. Regardless of size or condition, our team will swing into action and help you with your swingset removal. Not only is our team trained for the big take-down, we are experts in neatly fitting things into place. This means, less space on our truck will be needed to haul away your swingset and that translates to a lower, more affordable cost for you. And a lot of your old swingset can be recycled too so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your swingset removal is being handled the right way.

Call us for a stress-free experience and reclaim your backyard today.