Getting rid of Your Old Shed

When it comes to sheds, every homeowner has at least two major moments of emotion during the life of their shed. The first moment comes at the moment you install your shed. It’s the pinnacle of your decision making, and it makes you feel complete. For some, it’s even a moment of relief.

Your New Shed

After months of agonizing, price shopping, tripping over and cursing at the excess tools, bikes, mowers, and what-nots that have cluttered your garage, you’ve finally made the move, and now you have a place for your extra stuff. It might not be the best use of your backyard, but it’s a step in the right direction of organizing your extra stuff, and you love it, your wife or husband loves it, and your kids love it.

Your Old Shed

The second major emotion comes at the agonizing end of your shed’s life. Like the parting of a true friend, you agonize over witnessing the long and painful deterioration of your once tried and true gleaming solution to your space saving needs, until it’s time to make the hard decision. It’s a moment of pain. It’s the moment of saying goodbye.

Disposing of Your Old Shed

You reason that you’ll be better off. The old woodboards have seen their better day, or the exterior metal, that now begins to rust and cause dirty looks from your neighbors as if you seemingly have intended to cause property values to plummet in your neighborhood. But it’s the end of an era. Goodbye old shed. It’s so traumatic, you don’t have the heart to demolish it yourself, but what to do?

Shed Removal Services Near You

Thankfully, there’s a group of talented, but heartless shed demolishers that you can call. We’re called the Junk-A-Haulics, and we’re not actually heartless about your once extended family member, but we know what’s best for everyone involved and we can take care of things quickly, discreetly, and bring you back into the favorable fold of your neighborhood with a flurry — and a roar of the engines to one of our shiny junk removal trucks as we take away what’s left of your dear old deteriorated shed.

Shed Removal Cost

Call us heartless or call us determined. We want your old shed as much as you want it out of sight. Call us today for a no-obligation quote. We’ll even bring the tissues.

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