Expert Piano Removal

Do you remember how hard it was to get your piano into your house? Removing it won’t be any easier.

Eco-friendly Piano Removal

Our number one goal when removing a piano is to do everything possible to find a new home for it. If we are unsuccessful in placing it with our vast partnership network, we will recycle it in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Moving a piano is very stressful. No matter what type of piano you have, whether it’s a baby grand, upright, player piano, or even an organ, it represents several major challenges. The first challenge is that it is very heavy. It takes a team of trained professionals to lift and move it without injury or damage.

Piano Removal – The Bulky Truth

The second major challenge to piano removal is that pianos are very bulky. There is also the technical challenge of handling the uneven weight distribution. Navigating a piano out of your house without damaging the walls of your home or apartment requires experience, attention to detail, and preparation. Our experienced piano removal team understands these complexities and can safely and quickly haul away your aging, damaged or just plain useless piano or organ.

In the case of your piano being a candidate for donation or reuse, the added challenge of protecting the piano also comes into consideration. Pianos are delicate instruments with many moving parts which must be protected in order to handle the removal and transport successfully.

Pain-free Piano Removal

Now for the easiest part of piano removal. Life will bring you to making a few decisions in your life regarding your beloved piano and this one includes making a decision between picking up a heavy, unwieldy piano, destined to test your homeowner and health insurance policies, or picking up a much lighter object – your telephone – and calling on our experienced team to move your behemoth to a new location, whether in the form of a donation, or to the recycling center, or other eco-friendly final resting spot.

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