Storage Unit Cleanouts

Storage Unit Cleanouts

Your storage unit is filled to the ceiling with things you’ve long since forgotten about? Or maybe there are some hidden items there that you could appraise and sell? Now, when finding something you need is nearly impossible and you’d like to turn unwanted items into cash why not let the Junk-a-Haulics team help?

Most storage units are…abandoned….haven’t paid for over a year. We’d love to clean your one making sure to recycle dispose most responsibly or donate all possible items.

Real Life Storage Wars or American Pickers?

How much of what you see on these TV shows is real or not? Often times when people abandon the units, there are items that are of value, but not always.

These shows portray a situation where they are showing the most valuable items that have been found. When in reality, when these units are abandoned, the most valuable items have been already removed.

Every so often, we do in fact come across very valuable, interesting, or unique things, so it always makes sense to ask a professional for help.

A lot of times, its not even clear what is of value. So we work with professional appraisers, who let us know the true value of the items in your storage unit.

Auction the contents

Someone dies and the family takes things over? Need help cleaning it out? That’s where we can support you as well. In some cases, people need to know the value of the items to sell them at the best price. At Junk-A-Haulics, we have appraisers that will come in to tell us the value of the items. You will be able to auction valuable things and we will take care of the junk in the storage you’d like to remove.

We Help Storage Unit Managers Reclaim Their Units

We provide labor services to the owners of storage units, to help them go through in order to organize and get rid of the items they don’t need – consolidate to a smaller unit.

More Space — More money

You may be trying to find ways to cut costs and save money on monthly bills. If it’s true for you, consider stopping to pay a monthly fee for storage. You can save $2500 on average in a single year just by terminating your storage rental contract. Stop throwing that money on keeping items you don’t need anymore and let us haul the junk away.

Help Your Local Community

At Junk-a-Haulics we try to donate AS MUCH as possible. We are partnered with:

  • The Store That Builds Homes
  • Meals – Shelter – Hope.
  • Morris Habitat for Humanity.

Cleaning out your storage you can help local charities to find things for those in need. Besides, we provide tax-free donation slips that you can write up during tax time. After the job we will email you the form to fill out to list the items and estimate the “fair market value” then you’ll just hand the form to your accountant during tax time and he’ll take it from there.

Free up some space with Junk-a-Haulics. Go ahead and book an appointment or call us at (908) 248-HAUL [4285] for a free estimate. You can also can in touch by filling out our contact form.

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